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** I will hold my friends accountable for their actions toward women and children.

** I will take immediate action to protect those I love from this destructive market.



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U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder agreed that adult pornography leads to human trafficking, violence against women, and child pornography as seen in this video of his remarks:

Porn drives demand for sex trafficking! According to Shared Hope International’s report on the demand
for sex trafficking, pornography is the primary gateway to the purchase of humans for commercial sex.
Why this is so becomes clear when we think critically about what pornography is and how it affects its
consumers.Not only is pornography harmful to individuals involved, it has become a leading cause of
human trafficking, in particular domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST) in America. There are two reasons
for this: Children and adults who are trafficked are forced to participate in pornographic films. They are
threatened with violence if they do not participate and rarely get paid to take part in pornography. Many
girls are also forced to watch pornographic films and are likely to be exposed to pornography while they are being trafficked. Children are being filmed in pornographic movies more often, thus more viewers are being exposed to child pornography. This creates a higher demand for it to be produced, and it also creates an insensitivity to the fact that young children and young adults are being forced to perform sexual acts. Without a sensitivity to what is happening, adults become indifferent and accustomed to seeing this, and even seek out opportunities to act on this. Instead of becoming outraged by what they’ve seen, they take part in buying girls in trafficking rings. The men who are trafficking these young victims are responsible for forcing them to participate in pornographic films. It’s not just these men who are forcing them to participate; the millions of teens, young adults, single men and women, husbands and wives who view pornography, specifically child pornography, are creating the demand for more younger and younger children to be part of the porn industry. Because their buying and viewing habits have created an increasing demand, traffickers are quick to respond to this; there is now a vicious cycle of demand for child sex trafficking in our country, largely influenced by the prevalence of child pornography.Where is the demand coming from? A study done by the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation shows that the majority of johns (men who buy girls) are college educated, have wives or girlfriends, and earn more than $40,000 a year. The founder of Living Water for Girls in Atlanta, GA, a recovery home for victims of child sex trafficking in America, known as Miss Lisa said “The people who are raping our daughters for profit are the people sitting next to us in our cubicles, the people sitting new to us in pews. We have to start looking at who is demanding these girls.

“**** When we can understand who is demanding young people in pornography, we can gain a better understanding of how to combat the issue of child sex trafficking and it’s link to pornography.

Reference: U. S. Attorney General is Right on Harms of Adult PornographyLeads to human trafficking, Violence Against Women, and Child Pornography
Contact: Lesley Bateman 813-849-0076
Washington, DC (May 5, 2011)